A collection of my thoughts and dreams and things I find beautiful.
I just want to spend every day doing what I love.
Apparently I am an adult, I am still learning.


University has taught me a lot…

It has taught me that I do not understand economics, it is like a foreign language to me. 

It taught me that I also struggle to understand foreign languages, german has taken me down a peg or two. 

It has taught me that I struggle with statistics, although I do understand calculus some how…

It has taught me that how well I learn truly depends on how well my professor can teach me.

It has taught me that no matter how hard shit gets, and how much I cry, I just have to keep trying if I want my piece of paper. 

It has taught me that I do not fit in with those people who say “University was the best time of my life” and if one day I do then my life truly and honestly sucks hard and clearly it is time for a change. 

It has taught me that I love to learn but I hate school, this place is not for me. Lets just hope that in 4 weeks I never have to return. 

“ I do not feel good. I’ve got the sad sads. All I want to do is fuck you. ”

—    Charles Bukowski, Somebody (via stxxz)

(via endlessmagic)